Step and Repeat Banners


  • Custom printed with your logos
  • Pole pockets or grommets included
  • 3 materials to choose from
  • Custom size for other style
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Increase Your Brand’s Presence With Step and Repeat Banner Printing

Step and repeat banners are often seen at red carpet events and other important occasions. These publicity backdrops add a wow factor to any event.
Some companies use these banners as a cost-effective way of advertising their business. The signage can be used on several occasions, giving businesses more value for their money.
With a step and repeat banner, companies can prominently display their brand logos across the banner. Doing so helps increase and intensify brand awareness.
Photos of celebrities, influencers, and other important people posing in front of your banner are widely circulated in the press. This gives your business the right amount of exposure to attract new customers.

Big or Small?

The size of your banner depends on the event you’re planning and its location.
The 8’ x 8’ step and repeat banner is a popular choice, but you can go as big as 8’ x 20’ if that’s what your event requires.
The wider the banner, the more people you can accommodate for a photoshoot. This also brings the opportunity to fit in more logos of your company.

Q & A

Can I set up a step and repeat banner with stand on my own?
Yes, you can. Make sure that you have a big enough ground space to put the banner parts together.
Is there a banner stand available for an 8’ x 20’ banner?
The banner stand can accommodate banners up to 120” x 96” (10’ x 7.75’) only. You can use the grommets on each side of the banner to place them on the wall.
Why isn’t there any option for grommets on a banner with a stand?
The grommets are used mainly for putting up the banners against a wall. The banners with stand do not need grommets because the stand is enough to hold the banner in place.

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