Vinyl Sticker Printing


  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Self-adhesive, sticks to practically any surface
  • Water-resistant, long lasting vinyl perfect for outdoor use
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Vinyl Sticker Printing for Messages That Stick

Vinyl sticker printing is a cost-effective way of marketing your product. Whether you’re a large company or a mom-and-pop store, stickers can help you get your message across to your target customers.

Unlike digital ads that constantly change, stickers tend to stay for a long time. When displayed, custom vinyl stickers serve as a personal recommendation or endorsement from your customers.

In addition to increased brand exposure, stickers can also serve as standalone products that you can sell.

Ready to do some sticker marketing? We make it easy for you to create and print your vinyl sticker design. With quantities starting as low as 25 pieces, you can get the word out about your brand in no time.

Cut-to-Size or Roll?

How you dispense your stickers depends on your desired outcome. We offer two types of stickers to suit different needs and budgets:

1. Cut-to-size:These are individually cut crack-and-peel stickers that make great promotional giveaways or handouts. Minimum order quantity is 25 pieces.

2. Roll: These are easy-to-peel stickers that are printed on a single roll of white vinyl. They can be hand or machine applied and are ideal to use on different products. Minimum order quantity is 250 pieces.

Not sure which one to get?

Between the two, roll stickers are easier to remove. You should get roll stickers if you need images that are positioned precisely at the center or if your artwork has a colored background.

Cut-to-size stickers tend to have a variance in position due to the way they are cut. But if you have a white background, cut-to-size stickers look just as great as the ones in rolls.

Designing Effective Sticker Artwork

The effectiveness of your sticker marketing campaign depends on a number of things, which include the design of your artwork.

For beautiful artwork that sticks in the mind of customers, consider  the following design tips:

  • Choose the right size and shape. Use a ruler or tape measure to get the height and width of the surface space. The sticker size should be slightly smaller than this. The shape of the sticker depends on where you want to place the labels. Follow the shape of the packaging when choosing a sticker for your products. If you’re going to use the stickers for a specific promotion, you can go with any shape that fits your brand.
  • Make sure that the material can hold up to your needs. Not all sticker materials are created equal. White vinyl is great for outdoor use because it is water and UV-resistant and can withstand varying temperatures.
  • Pick colors and fonts that reflect your brand. Light-colored text works best on a dark background and vice versa. Don’t know which colors would work best for your brand? Check out our blog post about color theories to back up your design for inspiration.
  • Use only high-resolution images. Low-resolution images tend to be blurry when printed on stickers. Sticker images should ideally have a resolution 300 dpi.
  • Create a bleed for a cleaner look. Extending your background beyond the cut line prevents thin white edges from showing. This is especially useful for cut-to-size stickers, where cutting machines may show a slight difference in cuts.
If you don’t have artwork yet, you can use our free design tool in creating beautiful sticker designs. Otherwise, you may send in your files for proofing at no cost to you.

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Paper Type

14 pt. Cardsstock Matte, 14 pt.Carstock High Gloss(UV), 16 pt.Cardstock Gloss


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Printing Time

10 Business Days, 15 Business Days, 2 Month, 20 Business Days, 3 Month, 30 Business Days, 6 Business Days


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